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1. Budget Pies

1.1 Appropriations — What Did We Spend the Money On?

The legislature reported appropriating $5.407 billion for fiscal year 2002 (July 1, 2001, to June 30, 2002). Adding in duplicated appropriations of $.828 billion and appropriations of $1.799 billion associated with the Permanent Fund brings the grand total up to $8.033 billion for the year.

The largest part of the budget was for the day-to-day operations of state government including not only the departments but also the University and the agencies like Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. A large share of the operating budget consists of transfers to local governments and households as well as purchases from businesses. The capital budget pays for the construction and repair of facilities, and most of it gets spent as purchases from private business. Some of the capital budget also is used to bankroll loan programs. Permanent Fund appropriations are a combination of the dividend and inflation proofing. Debt retirement is reported as a separate category. (In some of the detailed reports it is included in operations.)

Total Appropriations -- Fiscal Year 2002
(billion $)

$ 8.033



Permanent Fund

Debt Service**

* Includes duplicated appropriations, non-debt fund capitalization, supplemental appropriations, and new legislation.

**Includes duplicated appropriations.

Source: Legislative Finance, Summary of Appropriations, the FY01 Session (for FY 2002).

If we net out the duplicated appropriations, the total appropriation, including the Permanent Fund, falls to $7.206 billion, and without the Permanent Fund spending, it falls to $5.407 billion.

Total Appropriations -- Fiscal Year 2002
(billion $)

Category Total Duplicated Net



Debt Service

Permanent Fund

Source: Legislative Finance, Summary of Appropriations, the FY01 Session (for FY 2002).

Keep in mind that reported appropriations for the year differ among sources and at different points of time for several reasons. Obviously the numbers change as the budget is developed and decided upon. Some appropriation amounts can only be estimated as the fiscal year progresses. In particular, the amount estimated for reappropriations, language appropriations, new legislation, and supplementals changes as the year progresses.

Here is some more detail on the 2002 Legislative Finance numbers.

Do you want to go to the source? Legislative Finance produces a detailed summary of appropriations for each year. Legislative Finance Summary of Appropriations for 2001-2002

This section is based on the budget as it was passed prior to the fiscal year, known as the "Enacted" budget. During the fiscal year numerous changes occur to the budget and after the year comes to a close the "Actual" budget, or amount spent, will always be somewhat different. Why the budget is a moving target

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