The Alaska Citizen's Guide to the Budget

1.2.6 Other Revenue Sources $1.475 billion in 2002

Other revenue sources can be divided into the two categories of duplicated appropriations and appropriations out of Special Funds. Duplicated appropriations do not require revenues and are included simply to be complete and consistent. Special Fund revenues are used to pay for all state appropriations that are not funded either out of the general fund (including the Constitutional Budget Reserve), federal grants, or the Permanent Fund.

Other Revenue Sources for FY 2002
(million $)

Total (net Bond Sales)
Duplicated Appropriations (net Bond Sales)*
$ 554
Net Other Revenue from Special Funds
$ 921
Special Fund Revenues--Operations
$ 736
Special Fund Revenues--Capital
$ 157

Sources: Legislative Finance, Summary of Appropriations , the FY01 Session, and ISER.

*Duplicated appropriations Including bond sales of $273 million are $827 million.


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