The Alaska Citizen's Guide to the Budget Duplicated Appropriations

In 2002 there was $.828 billion of duplicated appropriations—$.514 of operations and $.314 of capital. Net of the $273 million of bond authorizations, duplications were $.554 billion.

This is the amount in the budgets of individual state agencies that represents a purchase or a transfer from another state agency (or in the case of bonds, an obligation of the state that will be paid off in future years). Since these amounts also show up as an appropriation in the budget of the selling or transferring agency, when all appropriations are added up these will be counted twice. To avoid this double counting and to determine exactly how much money will be needed to fund total spending in the current year, these duplicated appropriations are netted out of the total.

A list of the special fund capital "duplications" is shown below. Legislative Finance adjusts their numbers to eliminate duplicates.

Special Fund Capital Expenditures (Duplicated) in 2002

   Fund Category Amount ($)
1112 International Airports Construction Fund $146,400,000
1167 Northern Tobacco Securitization Corporation Fund 109,942,839
1163 Lease Bond 16,520,000
1087 Municipal Matching Grant Fund 13,489,686
1026 Highway Working Capital Fund 11,800,000
1052 Oil/Hazardous Prevention & Response Fund 7,150,000
1081 Information Services Fund 3,260,800
1088 Unincorporated Matching Grant Fund 2,752,537
1061 Capital Improvemnet Project Receipts 1,600,000
1079 Storage Tank Assistance Fund 1,000,000


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