The Alaska Citizen's Guide to the Budget

'Special Funds' Operating Expenditures in FY 2002
($ thousands)

1156 Rcpt Svcs -- Receipt Supported Services
Agency Budget Request Unit (BRU) Description Sum Of 1156_Rcpt_Svcs
Administration Alaska Longevity Programs Mgmt Pioneers Homes 12469.5
Administration Division of Motor Vehicles Motor Vehicles 401.1
Community & Economic Dev Alaska Seafood Marketing Inst Alaska Seafood Marketing Inst 7730.2
Community & Economic Dev Banking, Securities, and Corp Banking, Securities and Corp 1901.5
Community & Economic Dev Comm Assist & Econ Dev Community & Business Dev 250.7
Community & Economic Dev Insurance Insurance Operations 4619.6
Community & Economic Dev Occupational Licensing Occupational Licensing 5896.5
Corrections Administration & Operation Cook Inlet Correctional Center 225
Corrections Administration & Operation Electronic Monitoring 759.8
Corrections Administration & Operation Lemon Creek Correctional Ctr 50
Corrections Community Residential Centers CRC Offender Supervision 100
Corrections Community Residential Centers Existing CRC Facilities 1860
Corrections Community Residential Centers Nome CRC 25
Education & Early Dev AK Vocational Technical Center AVTEC Operations 1853
Education & Early Dev Commissions and Boards Professional Teaching Practice 187.3
Education & Early Dev Teaching and Learning Support Teacher Certification 669.6
Fish and Game Commercial Fisheries Comm Fish Special Projects 1334.1
Fish and Game Commercial Fisheries Headquarters Fisheries Mgmt. 350
Fish and Game Commercial Fisheries Entry Com Commercial Fish Entry Commissi 2786.5
Fish and Game State Facilities Maintenance F&G State Facilities Rent 81.6
Health & Social Services State Health Services Bureau of Vital Statistics 1085.1
Public Safety AK Police Standards Council AK Police Standards Council 959.8
Public Safety Alaska State Troopers Judicial Services-Anchorage 53
Public Safety Fire Prevention Fire Prevention Operations 544.6
Public Safety Fire Prevention Fire Service Training 114.9
Public Safety Statewide Support Alaska Criminal Records and ID 733.8
Transportation & Public Fac Highways and Aviation Central Highways and Aviation 350
Transportation & Public Fac Measure Stnds & Comm Vehcl Enf Measure Stnds & Comm Vehcl Enf 1456.3
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