The Alaska Citizen's Guide to the Budget

'Special Funds' Capital Expenditures in FY 2002
Department Program Project 1092 MHTAAR
Administration (blank) Adult Day Facility Prototype Design for Dementia Clients 30,000
Administration (blank) Pioneers' Homes Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disabilities Modifications 250,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Consumer Designed and Managed Projects 175,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Deferred Maintenance, Americans with Disabilities Improvements to Service Providers for Beneficiaries, People with Disabilities 400,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Developmental Disabilities Systems Reform Initiative 500,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Hearing Screening Assistive Technology 100,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Housing Modifications for Trust Beneficiaries and People with Disabilities 150,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Language Section 26: Alaska Psychiatric Institute 165,000
Health & Social Services (blank) MH Urban Transition Housing Facility 200,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Micro Enterprise Funds 150,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Program Equipment Grants to Service Providers for Trust Beneficiaries and People with Disabilities 250,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Provider Resource Sharing and Coordination 150,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Recovery Camps 100,000
Health & Social Services (blank) Substance Abuse Treatment for Rural Women with Children 250,000
Natural Resources (blank) Mental Health Trust Land Development and Value Enhancement 950,000
Revenue (blank) AHFC Homeless Assistance Program 200,000
Transportation & Public Fac Statewide Federal Programs Coordinated Transportation and Vehicles 150,000
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