Operating Budget

General Fund Group

Total Operating Appropriations from the General Fund are $2,166,816,500. These include Agency Operations ($1,120,451,700), Formula Programs ($1,030,109,600), Language (estimated) Appropriations ($16,910,100), and Other Operating Appropriations (-$654,900).

Federal Funds

Total Operating Appropriations from Federal Funds are: Agency Operations (non-Formula) of $658,622,000, Formula Programs ($478,095,200), and Language Appropriations ($2,000,000).

Other Funds

Total Operating Appropriations out of "Other" funds include Agency Operations (non-Formula) of $1,065,300, Formula Programs ($78,100), Language Appropriations ($14,200

Categories included in Fiscal Summary Under Operating

Agency Operations

[write up source of these]

Formula Programs

Formula Programs are mandated (?) and included $673 million for K-12 Support (Department of Education and Early Development), $662 million for Medicaid Services (Dept. of Health and Social Services), and the Longevity Bonus Grants ($52.5 million). ...click for more details...

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