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2. Cash on the Street

2.6 Intragovernmental Charges—$ .454 billion in 1999

This is the amount in the budgets of individual state departments that represents cash flowing to other departments, either for the purchase of services or as a transfer of funds. As such, this is the portion of the budget that is a double counting of state expenditures. Most of this is in the operating budget. This amount needs to be netted out of total spending to determine how much revenue will need to be collected to pay for everything in the budget.

For example, many state agencies use the legal services provided by the Department of Law. This spending shows up both in the budget of the department using the service and in the budget of the Department of Law.

There are also transfers among funds set up for specific purposes to keep track of the flow of dollars. For example, $46 million was transferred into the Debt Retirement Fund to pay debt service costs. This shows up in the budgets of both the transferring and receiving agencies.


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