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Description of Fund Codes included in Special Funds Category

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Special Funds

Fund Code & Category

Fund Description

Public Employee Benefits
1017 Ben Sys Benefits Systems Receipts
1029 P/E Retire Public Employees Retirement Fund
1034 Teach Ret Teachers Retirement System Fund
1042 Jud Retire Judicial Retirement System
1045 Nat Guard National Guard Retirement System
University Funds  
1010 UA/INT INC U/A Interest Income
1015 UA/DFA SVC U/A Dormitory/Food Auxilary Service
1038 UA/STF SVC U/A Student Tuition/Fees/Services
1039 UA/ICR U/A Indirect Cost Recovery
1048 Univ Rcpt University Restricted Receipts
Permanent Fund Management
1050 PFD Fund Permanent Fund Dividend Fund
1105 PFund Rcpt Alaska Permanent Fund Corporate Receipts
1027 Int Airprt International Airport Revenue Fund
1076 Marine Hwy Marine Highway System Fund

State Corporations

1022 Corp Rcpts State Corporation Receipts
1102 AIDEA Rcpt Alaska Industrial Development & Export Authority Receipts
1103 AHFC Rcpts Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Receipts
1104 MBB Rcpts Alaska Municipal Bond Bank Receipts
1106 P-Sec Rcpt Alaska Post-Secondary Edcuation Commission Receipts
1107 AEA Rcpts Alaska Energy Authority Corporate Receipts
Always Special Funds  
1021 Agric Loan Agricultural Loan Fund
1024 Fish/Game Fish and Game Fund
1031 Sec Injury Second Injury Fund Reserve Account
1036 Cm Fish Ln Commercial Fishing Loan Fund
1059 Corr. Ind. Correctional Industries Fund
Move to Special Funds  
1016 Fed Incent Federal Incentive Payments
1018 EVOSS Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Settlement Fund
1030 School Fnd School Fund (Cigarette Tax)
1054 Empl Trng State Employoment & Training Program
1079 Storg Tank Storage Tank Assistance Fund
1089 Power Cost Power Cost Equalization
1093 Clean Air Clean Air Protection Fund
1108 Stat Desig Statutory Designated Program Receipts
1109 Test Fish Test Fisheries Receipts
1110 APUC Rcpts Alaska Public Utilities Commission Receipts
1118 Pioneers Homes Receipts Pioneers Home Receipts
1119 Tobac Setl Tobacco Settlement Receipts
1133 IndCostRe Indirect Cost Reimbursement
1141 RCA Rcpts RCA Receipts
1162 AOGCC Rct Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Receipts
New and Special Funds  
1001 CBR Fund Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund
1025 Sci/Tech Science & Technology Endowment Income
1052 Oil/Haz Fd Oil/Hazardous Prevention & Response Fund
1053 Invst Loss Investment Loss Trust Fund
1066 Pub School Public School Fund
1075 Clean Wtr Alaska Clean Water Loan Fund
1092 MHTAAR Mental Health Trust Settlement Income
Other Small Funds  
1000 Restrtd GF Restricted General Fund
1009 Rev Bonds Revenue Bonds
1011 Educ Trust Alaska Advance College Tuition Payment Fund
1013 Alchl/Drug Alcoholism & Drub Abuse Revolving Loan
1014 Donat Comm Donated Commodity/Handling Fee Account
1020 Grain Fund Grain Reserve Loan Fund
1023 FICA Acct FICA Administration Fund Account
1028 Pre90 PRGM Pre-FY90 Program Receipts
1032 Dis Fisher Disabled Fishermans Reserve Account
1033 Surpl Prop Surplus Property Revolving Fund
1035 Vet Loan Veterans Revolving Loan Fund
1040 Surety Fnd Real Estate Surety Fund
1046 Stdnt Loan Student Revolving Loan Fund
1049 Trng/Bldg Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Liability Fund
1051 Rural Dev Rural Development Initiative Fund
1056 Elect Svc Electrical Service Extension Fund
1057 Small Bus Small Business Loan Fund
1058 Trsm Loan Tourism Revolving Loan Fund
1062 Power Proj Power Project Loan Fund
1064 House Loan Housing Assistance Loan Fund
1065 Rural Elec Rural Electrification Revolving Loan Fund
1067 Mining RLF Mining Revolving Loan Fund
1068 Child Care Child Care Revolving Loan Fund
1069 Hist Dist Historical District Revolving Loan Fund
1070 Fish En Ln Fisheries Enhancement Revolving Loan Fund
1071 Alt Energy Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Fund
1072 Res Energy Residential Energy Conservation Loan Fund
1073 Pwr Dv RLF Power Development Fund
1074 Bulk Fuel Bulk Fuel Revolving Loan Fund
1077 Gifts/Grnt Indv/Foundation/Corp Gifts/Grants/Bequests
1091 GF/Desig General Funds - Designated
1094 MHT Admin Mental Health Trust Administration
1098 ChildTrErn Children's Trust Fund Earnings
1100 ADWF Alaska Drinking Water Fund
1101 AERO Rcpts Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation Receipts
1115 ITDF International Trade & Development Earnings
1117 VocSmBus Vocational Small Business Fund
1134 F&G Dup Fish and Game Duplicated Expenditures


Duplicated Funds

Fund Code

Fund Description

1007 I/A Rcpts Inter-Agency Receipts
1026 Hwy Capitl Highway Working Capital Fund
1044 Debt Ret Debt Retirement Fund
1055 IA/OIL HAZ Inter-agency Receipts/Oil & Hazardous Waste
1061 CIP Rcpts Capital Improvement Project Receipts
1081 Info Svc Information Services Fund


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