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4. Budget Comparisons with Other States

4.2 How is the Alaska "Premium" Spent?

The Alaska spending "premium" per person, derived by combining state and local spending and adding in the higher Alaska cost of living on the U.S. average services, was $5,282 per capita in 1999. This represents a level of spending that is 1.85 times the national average (85% above the national average).Three uniquely Alaska factors account for half of the Alaska "Premium": the Permanent Fund Dividend, Extra Federal Grants, and Extra Agency Interest Payments.

The ratio of Alaska to U.S. average spending is 1.46 if we net out the The Big Three
Five programs account for 2/3 of the "Premium"; ten account for 90%. The Program Pie
The "Premium" is mostly capital spending and payments to businesses and individuals. Premium by Object

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