The Alaskan Citizen's Guide to the Budget

A Second Opinion

The slowdown in state spending in Alaska compared to other states is highlighted in a recent Cato Institute study of state spending during the decade of the 1990's which found that,

  • Alaska ranked 50 in real state spending growth between 1990 and 1997--a decline of .6 percent (The US Total was 27.2 percent growth)

  • Alaska ranked 50 in growth in real per capita state spending between 1990 and 1997--a decline of 9.8 percent (The US Total was 18.6 percent growth)

  • Alaska ranked 49 in growth in state spending per $1,000 of personal income between 1990 and 1997--a decline of 9.3 percent , putting it second after Wyoming (The US Total was 9.3 percent growth)

  • Alaska ranked 37 in state and local government employment growth between 1990 and 1996--1.09 percent per year (The US Total was a 1.48 percent growth rate).

Source: "The State Spending Spree of the 1990's", Policy Analysis, number. 343, May 13, 1999 (A publication of the Cato Institute).


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