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6. State Assets

6.8 Index to Funds

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report prepared by the Department of Administration gives an overview of all the financial holdings of the state. The public corporations and the University of Alaska finances are not shown in any detail in this report. They are defined in the Report as "Discretely Presented Component Units", and because they are separate legal entities, prepare their own financial reports.

Trust and Agency Funds

Expendable Trust Funds
Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund (33041)
Permanent Fund Dividend Fund (33020)

Deferred Compensation (32014)
Unemployment Compensation Fund (33030)
Exxon Valdez Settlement Trust Fund (33070)
Alyeska Settlement Trust Fund (33080)
Public Advocacy Trust Fund (32012)
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Restoration Fund (11140)
Memorial Scholarship Revolving Loan Fund (21611)

Nonexpendable Trust Funds
Alaska Permanent Fund (34030)
Public School Trust Fund (34010)
Alaska Children’s Trust Fund (34050)

Pension Trust Funds
Public Employees’ Retirement System (35010)
Teachers’ Retirement System (35020)
Supplemental Benefits System (35041)
Judicial Retirement System (35025)
Alaska National Guard and Alaska Naval Militia Retirement System (35030)

Agency Funds
EVOS Investment Trust Fund (32020)
Deposits, Suspense, and Miscellaneous (32005)
Impact Aid PL 103-382 (32017)
Wage and Hour (32011)

Public Corporations

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC)
Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA)
Alaska Energy Authority (AEA)
Alaska Student Loan Corporation (ASLC)
Alaska Railroad Corporation
Alaska Municipal Bond Bank Authority (AMBBA)
Alaska Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF)
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation

University of Alaska

General Fund

Alaska Clean Water Administrative Fund (11167)
Alaska Debt Retirement Fund (11138)

Alaska Drinking Water Administrative Fund (11170)
Alaska Historical Commission Receipts Account (11111)
Alaska Marine Highway System Fund (12135)
Alaska Marine Highway System Vessel Replacement Fund (11137)
Alaska Surplus Property Fund (11112)
Alaska Technical and Vocational Education Program Fund (11166)
Alaska Transportation Infrastructure Bank (21653)
Art in Public Places Fund (11124)
Assistive Technology Loan Guarantee Fund (11154)
Donated Commodity Fee Fund (11120)
Educational Facilities Maintenance and Construction Fund (11142)
Employment Assistance and Training Program Account (11134)
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Unincorporated Rural Community Grant Fund (11161)
FHWA - Airspace Leases Fund (11126)
FICA Administration Fund (11110)
Fishermen's Fund (11119)
Fuel Emergency Fund (11125)
Fund for the Improvement of School Performance (11145)
Major Maintenance Grant Fund (11144)
Municipal Capital Project Matching Grant Fund (11146)
Oil and Hazardous Substance Release Prevention Mitigation Account (11139)
Oil and Hazardous Substance Release Response Mitigation Account (11153)
Oil and Hazardous Substance Release Prevention and Response Fund (11128)
Railbelt Energy Fund (11123)
Randolph-Sheppard Small Business Fund (11118)
Real Estate Surety Fund (11121)
School Construction Grant Fund (11143)
School Trust Land Sales (11162)
Second Inquiry Fund (11117)
State Insurance Catastrophe Reserve Account (11133)
State Land Disposal Income Fund (11164)
Storage Tank Assistance Fund (11136)
TAPS Rebate Fund (11163)
Unincorporated Community Capital Project Matching Grant Fund (11147)
Vocational Rehabilitation Small Business Enterprise Revolving Loan Fund (11116)
Workers' Safety and Compensation Administration Account (11173)

Source: State of Alaska, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2000 – June 30, 2001, State of Alaska, Department of Administration, pp. 79-82.

The GeFONSI Investment Pool

Enterprise Funds

Commercial Assistance Enterprise Funds
Commercial Fishing Revolving Loan Fund (21608)
Fisheries Enhancement Revolving Loan Fund (21615)
Alaska World War II Veterans' Revolving Fund (21605)
Historical District Revolving Loan Fund (21614)
Small Business Revolving Loan Fund (21607)
Mining Revolving Loan Fund (21625)
Child Care Facility Revolving Loan Fund (21612)

Energy Assistance Enterprise Funds
Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Fund (21619)
Residential Energy Conservation Fund (21623)

Other Agencies Enterprise Funds
International Airports Fund (21602)
Alaska Clean Water Fund (21658)
Alaska Drinking Water Fund (21659)
Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund (21606)
Rural Economic Development Initiative Fund (21644)
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Revolving Loan Fund (21642)

Administrative Funds

Debt Service
Northern Tobacco Securitization Corporation (NTSC)
Bond Redemption Fund (14120)
General Obligation Bond Redemption Fund (14100)

Capital Projects Funds
1978 Transportation Facilities Construction Fund (13033)
1980 Transportation Construction Fund (13305)

Internal Service Funds
Group Health and Life Benefits Fund (11155)
Highways Equipment Working Capital Fund (22600)
Alaska Public Building Fund (11165)
Information Services Fund (22500)
Correctional Industries Fund (22654)

Special Revenue Funds
National Petroleum Reserve Fund (12131)
Fish and Game Fund (12122)
Disaster Relief Fund (12125)
School Fund (12123)
Reclamation Bonding Pool Fund (12133)
Northern Tobacco Securitization Corporation [NTSC] Fund (21664)

Clean Air Protection Fund (12133)
Training and Building Fund (12121)

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